Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Potty Update

I know many of you are just dying for this update, am I right? Well Miss Maddie is doing really great with the potty training. She was practicing before we went to Hawaii and then we took a break for vacation. We started back up when we got back and had a few hard days but she has really gotten the hang of it now. She's even started conquering potties in public places! That's hard people!

Yesterday she did so well that she got a "Big Book of Boo Boos" just like one of her fave Disney characters, Doc McStuffins. Dr. Maddie is delighted to be able to record her diagnosis' now. Photos are a bit blurry off my phone, but you can see she loved it!

"Mommy, you have sneez-a-tosis"

sassy face

Now she can record/color/sticker to her hearts content!

Next up for our big girl is a big girl bed a.k.a. taking a side off her crib to make a toddler bed. Mommy is nervous!


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