Thursday, September 2, 2010

Respect the Date!

That's right, it's 9-02-10, so please take a moment to remember the cheesiness that was Beverly Hills 90210, one of the greatest unintentionally hilarious shows of our generation. I heard this morning on the radio that they were having big celebrations in that zip code today, because, you know, they've been waiting their entire lives for this date. I laughed so hard I almost cried.

An especially fantastic coincidence is that it's the day before Bub the hub's birthday, and you can't find a much bigger fan that that bub. When we were first married, I would come home pretty much everyday from work and find him on the couch vegging out to those reruns. At the time, of course, I constantly made fun of him. Fast forward to when I started staying home with lil'bub and I was totally glued to the 90210 rerun two-hour time slot. I'm not going to name any other names, but I also happen to have a close friend who is currently DVR-ing them everyday as we speak, ahem.

So, I think it's completely appropriate to leave you with my top 5 all-time favorite Beverly Hills 90210 moments. You can argue them with me if you want, but I am basically a connoisseur of this ridiculous drama, and this is what I say, counting down:

5) The episode where Kelly and Brenda wore the same dress to the spring dance...
Neither of them would change, and none of us could understand why anyone would wear that hideous thing (shudder). Props go to this episode for terrible drunk-acting by Tori Spelling.

4) When David cheated on Donna in the limo....

because no one saw that coming! Or everyone did. More props to Tori Spelling's phenomenal acting.

3) Kelly vs.'s pretty hard to pick just one of their many catfights. I think I'll have to go with an early one; the clincher was Kelly's horrendous hair.

2) When Ray pushes Donna down the stairs. This one was submitted by Bub the hub, but I have to agree. Try not to laugh, I dare you!

Personally, I think that stunt double should get an Oscar. An Emmy? Whatever, it was awesomely horrible!

1) When Dylan's new wife dies in a drive-by assasination by her father meant for DYLAN!! OMG!!

I mean, Luke Perry is really acting his butt off here!

Ok, that was fun! oh wait, I just thought of one for honorable mention! David Silver sings! hahahahahahaha



  1. Dylans' wife assasination episode was on yesterday and I watched it today! That was so sad!

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  3. Wow, thanks for the memories Cassie! I was a faithful 90210 watcher from the very beginning. For the record, I actually remember liking the dress that Brenda and Kelly both wore. But I was also wearing high-waisted, acid washed, tapered jeans at the time so I clearly question my fashion sense.


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