Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More State Fair

Here's our annual group photo in front of Big Tex (although most of him is missing--here you can only see his boots! Sorry big guy :)

but Nana is missing because she was behind the camera, so here's another

not sure why Avery thought Grandaddy was so captivating,
but she would NOT look at the camera!

Here we are about to have our first corny dog of the fair...Bub the hub tried the new jalapeno & cheese corny dog, which I think will be his new staple. My favorite fried delicacy by far this year was the fried peaches and cream, below. Turns out it actually debuted last year and was the Best Taste Winner. I totally agree! Can't believe I missed it! I think the raspberry sauce cinched it!! 

Here are some other fried suprises (not all mine!! everyone was trying something :)
from the top moving clockwise is fried frito pie bites, tornado taters (yum!!), fried guacamole bites, fried plaintains (just fair), and fried potato with pork

there was a guy carving pumpkins, a true artist! these faces were amazing

Here are the bubs enjoying one of the many goods on display at the Fair:
only $1200 for this ergonomic swing!!

And since you all know how much I like collages, here is one of the three years that lil'bub has been to the Fair. Her first year, the livestock really made her giggle. The second year, she was equally excited. This year she was a little more lowkey, but I'm pretty sure she still wanted to jump in....

And last but not least, I will leave you with this:

LLAMA! what a cutie eh?


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