Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer Recipe Recap, Part I

First of all, welcome to my new wider format! Y'all might have noticed that over on my sidebar under "Currently for Dinner...", I've been posting some of the yummy recipes we bubs like to eat. I decided to go ahead and devote an entire post to them since I took photos of all this food! You might be wondering why I take photos of my meals, kind of like my husband who looks at me like I'm nuts...well, I will tell you. Two things actually. First, my fancy camera has an actual setting for photographing food. I'm not even kidding! Secondly, it gives me a little thrill to make my cookin' look pretty. I think in another life I might have been a food stylist. Yes, people get paid for that. Like this amazing woman. I could look at her blog for hours. Anyway, back to the recipes.

I think I've established my lifetime love of bruschetta on this blog already! Bub the hub and I enjoy having this treat made three or four different ways as our entire dinner! I brush some olive oil on and use a grill pan to get the italian bread nice and crusty. This past summer I've been using this recipe from Parade. It tastes exquisite! Our other favorite bruschettas include slices of roma tomatoes with fresh buffalo mozzarella and some basil on top. And lately I've been doing some with sliced prosciutto, fresh grated parmesan reggiano and a little balsamic vinegar-- also heavenly!

This one was so tasty! I spied it on Cooking Light's 5-Ingredient Soup list and knew I had to try it. Now I have to say that Cooking Light was cheating just a bit here because one of the ingredients is a "prechopped celery, onion, and bell pepper mix." Hel-lo, C.L. editors, that is definitely THREE separate ingredients! Thankfully, I forgave them and made it anyway, and had no regrets at all. And f.y.i., we made it with turkey bacon (which is the only bacon I buy in this house, much to hub's chagrin) and it was still super delicious. 

And talking about turkey, I think all you red meat eaters out there forget how delectable (and so way better for you) turkey burgers are! We have them all the time around here. Bub the hub likes pepper jack cheese on his, and what you can't see under the bun on my burger is some dreamy avocado (of which I absolutely can't do without). We made these last week and added a little chopped onion, garlic and fresh parsley to the turkey before grilling, and now we will never do without! We also highly recommend Alexia brand organic sweet potato fries, seen here :)

My sweet momma showed me how to make these this summer and I am forever grateful. We cooked some tilapia on the grill pan with a little seafood seasoning and olive oil. Then we filled some corn tortillas with the fish, some sweet corn and avocado. And of course the sauce! The sauce makes the taco! It's fresh chopped cilantro mixed with light sour cream and a little lime juice. So simple and so delicious. I could probably eat that sauce with anything. No, make that definitely!

Later this week I am posting the rest of the recipes I tried this summer, including an amazing mango-salsa a la momma, pot pies, strawberry tart, and the baked shells casserole that's currently on my sidebar (and whoa-that one was a two night event). 


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  1. my Amy's burrito for lunch seems pretty lame now. I love that you take pictures of your food. You are so good at many random things, all involving styling and creativity.


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