Monday, September 27, 2010

State Fair Shenanigans

We are back from our weekend in Dallas for the annual State Fair of Texas visit, and it was so much fun! The whole weekend was amazing. Lil'bub did very well on the car ride and had a fabulous time at the Fair. Not one fuss was heard!  I don't have time to post all the photos today, so here is a little sneak peak...
that beautiful ferris wheel

Mommy and Avery wore their most comfy walking shoes

A little bit of rain did not deter lil'bub's excitement!

not sure what was going on here, but it's crackin' me up

oh delicious corny dog!
please notice my brother's awesomely huge head falls in between the words on the sign behind him so that you can still read it...Drew, I think this is my new wallpaper.

More tomorrow! thanks to Jessica for most of these awesome photos :)


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