Saturday, June 5, 2010

Family Time

Before all the drama earlier in the week, we actually had a nice weekend, relaxing and visiting with family. We celebrated our nephew's birthday on Saturday with Bub the hub's family, and then we headed to the Barndominium in Chappell Hill to have some fun with my family. If you have not been a follower very long, and you are wondering what a Barndominium is, here is a photo.

Barn on the outside, very beautiful farm house on the inside! I'll have to take some photos inside to share sometime too because the decor is just amazing. We got to spend some time with our cute little (second)cousins, Katie and Mackenzie

ready for the pool!!

both the girls really wanted to "hold" Avery :)

we got to break out the watermelon outfit again!

a certain cute, fair-skinned cousin had to borrow our hat,
(I think it goes well with the shark)

here is Jack with his Aunt Kingslea

Both of the munchkins were tired post-swimming. Here they are relaxing, watching Mickey Mouse. These two were born only weeks apart. Lets rewind once again to one of my favorite old photos.

I could look at these old photos forever! Time just keeps whippin' by. I love watching all our family munchkins growing up. They are just so darn cute.

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