Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Friends

****UPDATE: I have great news. No, it's actually amazing-fabulous-miraculous news! Avery stopped all her the freaky seizure-like behavior early this morning. Since 5:30am, we have not seen anything that looks remotely weird. And let me tell you, we have been watching very closely. Like a hawk. I'm sure you can imagine. We didn't even have to go through with the EEG. She just got a little check-up and had some blood work done and everything looks good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the emails, texts and messages. Obviously, everyone's positive thoughts worked. Or else God accepted one of my wagers. I am hoping it was the former though, because I promised just about anything and everything. The thing is, it would still all be worth it.

This past week lil'bub started the first week of her pre-summer break from school. The adjustment away from school has been tough on both of us, but we seemed to be gettting the hang off it towards the end of last week. Although we had a very nice start to our Memorial Day holiday, yesterday morning lil'bub got sick. At first we though it was some kind of stomach bug, but now it looks very much more serious. We are trying to get an appointment at the hospital today for lil'bub to have an EEG to check for seizure acitivity. Would you mind taking a minute to send all your good, healing thoughts and prayers to lil'bub today?? Bub the hub and I are so terrified that the seizures might be back. She is only six days from her second year anniversary of her last brain surgery and being seizure free.  We desperately want to stay that way. I will post later today if we get any results. Thanks, friends.



  1. You are all in my prayers, Cassie.

  2. :) a million smiles when I read the update! :)

  3. So much love to you and Mike and beautiful Avery!


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