Monday, May 24, 2010

Splash Pad

Bub the hub and I have been talking a lot lately about how bad we need to take lil'bub to the pool. She is going to start back up with her swim therapy in July, which means we need to get back into shape!! So we were very happy to be invited last weekend to join our good friend Logan and his family for some fun in the sun. Of course, I also did not want to miss an opportunity to put Avery in her new watermelon swimsuit with matching hat!!

Lil'bub had a such great time, she almost never stopped smiling. It began when we climbed out of the car and she caught sight of Logan and just started giggling non-stop. No, really. We think Logan looks funny with a beard too, but we try not to laugh at him to his face, ya know. (J/K!!! LOVE YA LOGS :) Here is Logan in all his beard glory with Calvin and Elijah, his two very sweet sons--that's Eli on the right giving us a big cheese!

The matching watermelon suit/hat does not disappoint! Am I right?!? I am really lovin' these "splash pad" concoctions that all the suburbs are building now. It's such a fun place for a kid to run around and play and get wet, without having to worry about the dangers that come along with pools...
hey! is that thing squirting at me??

I think I wanna touch that...

hey that feels nice :)

We did venture over to the pool for a little while. Lil'bub sat with her daddy in the shallow beach area for awhile and splashed around. She even fended off a shark attack with grins...really, is there anything her smile can't do?

This is me and Amber, already momma of two, and one on the way! Thanks again Gentry family, we had a great time :) :) double smiles!!


  1. Cutie pie! Love the suit and can't wait to get Avery and Leah to the pool all decked out!

  2. So fun! she loves the water like her momma!


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