Monday, August 31, 2015

South Padre

In between Maddie's birthday and the start of school, my wonderful aunt and uncle invited us on a beach getaway vacation to South Padre. It was a long road trip for us, but the girls did great. And they had a ton of fun during our stay, as did we. Maddie was back to absolutely adoring the beach (and not minding sand) and Avery was content to sit under the umbrella with us and chill!
Maddie loved running into and away from the waves

Avery talked and talked and enjoyed the beach wind

Aunt Christine was wonderful enough to get us sand castle building lessons and it was super fun-- we really did learn a lot. Not as easy as you think! 

Maddie was definitely dedicated

mostly finished castle

We also went on a Pirate Ship Cruise...

Maddie got to sword fight with pirates, ARGH!!!!

All that swashbuckling really wears a little girl out!

We're so glad we were able to meet Rob and Christine before the school year started again. What a treat!


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