Monday, September 21, 2015

Spa Girl

The girls have been doing well in school these past couple of weeks, and they've blown by even faster than usual! Right after my last post I discovered that Avery was having a harder time with the classroom transition than I understood, so that was stressful. I think the situation has gotten smoother, but we are definitely still working on it! Maddie has done beautifully so far and I am still shocked that she has not shown any signs of being more tired than usual... the energy level of that munchkin is astounding.

Last weekend I took Maddie to her very first professional Mani/Pedi and the girl was an absolute natural! She got to sit right next to me in a chair that was exactly her size and a little DVD player all to herself. Baby Bub really enjoyed herself and I was pleasantly surprised that she didn't have any issues with the trimming/filing/buffing/tickling OR staying still. Miraculous!

Feeling pampered

Watching so closely

The best part was when I looked over and saw this! I'm still not sure if this was all on her own or if she saw me doing something similar, but I don't care, it's hilarious. The girl has got. it. down.

Wish I could take Avery to do fun stuff like this too. Lord knows that girl needs all the pampering she could get! She's not a big fan of us messing with her nails though... that's ok, Maddie Brynn will be my little spa girl :).


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