Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

In one last post before 2015 is upon us, here is a good New Year's Eve cuddle I got from sweet Avery and her sister, Snow White.

We've had such a nice holiday, celebrating with our family. I feel very lucky to have them around me and the bubs. I also feel like this season has not been quite as stressful as the past couple of years, which is a bloomin' miracle, really. Or maybe I am learning a better balancing act? Who knows.

I have a lot of wishes for 2015, and hope for the future. And I hope everyone reading this is looking forward with hope in their heart as well. I wish you all peace and happiness in the new year! 

And with that, I have broken 40 posts for the year, and actually kept my resolution from last year. Hurray!


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