Thursday, December 4, 2014

All About Avery

Well, I blinked and November went whipping on by. Just to summarize, the weather went hot/cold/hot/cold, the girls got runny noses, we took fun family pics, raked a ton of leaves and made lots of delicious pumpkin bread. Then I was Thankgiving party mom at Avery's school, hosted 30 people for Turkey Day, went to the Aggie/LSU football game with Bub the hub and got to hang with Uncle Drew!! Whew.

NOW, I really need to do some bragging on my Avery! She's had a great start to this school year. I kept hearing from her teacher about how well she was doing on all of her goals, which always puts a huge smile on my face. I knew some of the things they had been working on, but when it came time for the teacher/parent conference, the hub and I were so blown away at what she had mastered. 

Avery correctly recognizes her name, age and gender by using sight words. She also now recognizes numbers 1-10 and capital letters A-G. She has 16 other sight words she has also mastered. Sight words!! This just gives me so much hope for future communication!

Avery also knows her colors, having already mastered RGBY and pink, she's now recognizing white, black, gray and currently working on purple :).

She is so much happier than she was earlier this year (sure it had something to do with this) and beams that big, beautiful smile every morning at me when I go in to greet her. What I really love though is the very end of my sweet girl's day, after dinner, when we have our special mommy/Avery cuddle time on the couch. She curls up and still somehow fits in my lap with those crazy long legs. Sometimes she "talks" to me, and giggles. But mostly she is super tired from long days of working hard on her goals, and every once in awhile she falls right to sleep under my chin. That's my fav.


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