Monday, December 29, 2014

I had a dream

Now that sounds dramatic. It really wasn't. I just happened to have a great job at Houston Ballet back in the pre-kid era which included a lot of behind the scene workings of the ballet... including a close and intimate relationship with The Nutcracker. More on the Public Relations side than the actual performance side, but no matter how many times I watched that particular production (from backstage or front), I would always get a certain emotional chill. The music especially makes me feel sentimental. So I did dream of one day taking my little(s) to watch something that meant a lot to me. 

I decided this was the year.

Now, logistics of taking a 6 year old with profound special needs to watch a 2 hour and 20 minute ballet may sound a little daunting.... they were. Luckily, I knew my 3 year old would do just fine, and I was totally right on that account. Did you see the last post? Yea, she likes ballet a little bit. I also knew I would need the VERY wonderful Bub the hub to be on standby in order to make this work for Avery. 

Owing to some unforeseen circumstances, Maddie and I ended up attending the entire performance while Avery and the hub came in to watch the second half. There were some hairy moments here and there, but it ended up just fine. Mostly because of my darling hub. Avery got to listen to the music and watch a little bit, and cuddle with mommy in her lap a lot. Maddie got to ask questions the entire time, dance a bit in the aisles and overall just love it tremendously. Both girls got to wear their sugar plum dresses! yay! 

Instead of trying to take photos of this event, I tried hard to just enjoy it. I only have two to share and none of my Avery, but it's ok because it was something I didn't think was in the cards for her and we made it work anyway. Plus Maddie's utter delight! I will never forget it.

it's about to begin!

Afterwards, she wanted to perform on the stage, but
agreed to just take a photo with me in front of it instead.


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