Monday, February 10, 2014

Our House Is A Home: Part 3

Part 3 in my house renovations reveal is the breakfast and living rooms. These two rooms were really easy to change with one thing: PAINT. If you've already read my first post about the chimney re-do, you have seen what a world of difference it made. 

Our living room is completely paneled in wood. Original-to-house-very-very-dark-wood. And here is that awesome parquet floor that we took out! I just noticed you also get a peek at the fun (nasty) linoleum at the edge of the breakfast room. This is looking toward the front of the house, kitchen to the right.

And the opposite side of living room with old chimney:

View looking toward kitchen/breakfast room, where you can see built-ins:

And a parquet-less view:

Before the painting commenced, however, we had to do something very important.
Bring in the light!! And in this case, tear a huge hole in the wall!

Boy did that work. All that beautiful light coming from
the front of the house. Almost too much light for this photo!

Here's a close-up and then all trimmed out--

Finally, here is the little breakfast room in all of it's heavily draped, 
old wallpaper glory. And no, the chandelier is not on fire! 
but it sure was hard to get good photos in this dark house!!

As I mentioned before, it was time for PAINT. Or first, PRIMER.

Throw in some more paint, beautiful, shiny hardwood floors, some 
actual overhead lighting, a few new windows 
(and a gorgeous new chimney) and you get THIS!

Here's a close-up of the breakfast room makeover:

I took metallic silver spray paint to the original brass chandelier, which made it look brand-new. We also kept the original wood half panels and chair rails in this room and just painted it all white (of course). Like the living room, I haven't added any curtains at all because I'm still enjoying the new windows and sunlight!

Next up in my renovated home tour will be the entry way and formal dining room.... so exciting, I know. 

DISCLAIMER: my house never, ever looks this clean. TOtally staged, people! 
I literally have a 2yr old that follows me around & throws juice/milk/food/toys in 
every direction. At least I have the proof it could look like this nice, though ;)

Also see: Part 1 and Part 2


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