Sunday, February 23, 2014


I can't go another day without recording all of the precious quirks that my two year old has going on right now. Her daddy and I remain in continuous awe of the things she says and does. Talking like a teenager at two and a half! One of my favorites is when I give her lots of kisses and she says, "MO-om!" like you say when your mom is embarrassing you. Hmph, doesn't stop me!

The other thing that comes to mind first is pancakes. Girl is obsessed and would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we let her. "With siiirrrrrup" of course. Every now and then we still have special mommy and Maddie breakfasts where we get chocolate chip pancakes, which is pretty much like heaven for Maddie Brynn.

This is her take-the-pic-already face

Other foods she likes a lot right now: fruit snacks, apple sauce, yogurt, mac & cheese, french fries (which she expects at any kind of drive thru we enter, like the pharmacy), and lollipops (which she thinks is the only reason we go to banks).

More faves include dress-up (big time) and getting her toes painted!

Cooking is big too, both in her play kitchen and helping mommy, especially where there are sprinkles involved.

Maddie LOVES to sing and right now her fav is Doc McStuffins "I feel better" which I am treated to all day long. This goes along with her love of giving everyone "check-ups" with her doctor kit, asking for band aids constantly, and coming up with hilarious diagnosis also a la Doc McStuffins. That is whole 'nother post though.

What I especially wanted to share are the things she says that never fail to make us smile. She enjoys the Peanuts gang and likes to talk about "Snoofy" (Snoopy). She calls the freeway underpasses "choo-choo tunnels" and always inquires when we will go under one. She enjoys playing with her kitty toy piano and refers to it as "peño" with the rolling n. Her favorite phrases include, "what goin on here?", "what happennned?", "wanna cuddle?", "you 'nember?" and "ONE more book!" which is her bedtime rallying cry.

When she wants you to do something with her, she uses a special, enticing tone and says, "wanna go do thaaaat?" She says "drishus" for delicious and "under" for thunder, which really scares her right now. And mommy might be frequenting one store a lot lately too because Maddie knows and points out "p.j. maxx" on sight. She also points out any McDonalds that we pass by, which she calls "Old MacDonalds."

Maddie used to request "baby songs" in the car, which refers to one of the kid CD's we have, but now she asks for "mommy songs," which means songs that I like to listen to. The concept of radio is very hard for her to understand, and even more difficult for me to explain. She heard Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" once and frequently asks me to play it for her: "Po Po Face mommy!" When I try to tell her that it was a song on the radio and I can't just replay, she just doesn't get it. Disappointed every time :/. Not enough for me to buy Gaga music though lol.

She continues to love bath time and her favorite activity is lining up all of her ducks, admiring and counting them, and then pushing each back into the water.

I cannot forget to mention that puzzles are also BIG right now. We do several floor puzzles a day and she also loves a puzzle app on my phone. She does them so fast it makes my head spin!

Last but not least, Maddie Brynn is always up for a game of hide & seek. I call it "bossy hide & seek" because she tells you exactly where she wants you to hide. Her own hiding is not what I would call polished, and sometimes she just goes ahead and tells you where she's going to go. So considerate. And hilarious. She never fails to be surprised when she finds you, or you find her though. Giggles ensue!

I'll wrap this up with some stats. At 30 months, sweet girl is almost 30 pounds so she's caught up and hit the 50th percentile. She's 35 inches tall, still 25th percentile there, so still taking after mommy in height.  And she wears size 4 diapers although we've started working on potty training now. Ok maybe not working so much yet, but she thinks it's a fun game! It's our next big milestone.


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