Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dolly Party Preview

I am going through over 500 photos that I've taken since getting a new camera for my birthday (thanks Nana!). 500 photos since August 3rd. So that's not even including any house/renovation photos. Or cell photos. Ridiculous! Granted, most of them are from Maddie's birthday shenanigans. Have I mentioned we did another big party for baby bub? It's a party theme I am going to be selling in my shoppe soon! I'm hoping this one will be as much of a success as the Bug Party was last year. We did a Dolly theme because if there is one thing this little girl loves, it's being a good mommy to her dollies! Here are a bunch of sneak peeks.

Working on more pics! Also working on some tutorials from this party like I shared last year. Maddie has her third day of MDO tomorrow (still doing well :) so this momma is going to actually have some time to work before 11pm!!


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