Wednesday, September 11, 2013

She's a Monkey

Baby Bub had her first day of school! Such a big girl. It's just one day a week of Mother's Day Out for now, but a big step for us! I was really nervous about drop-off. Could hardly sleep! Sometimes she's such an independent spirit but other times she is a total mommy's girl. As usual, my worries were for naught. Maddie Brynn walked right in and just barely looked back. She's in the "Monkey" classroom, which is very appropriate, being one of her nicknames and the fact that all she wants to do right now is jump, climb and swing from everything she sees!

ready to go!

what's this mom?

Here she is with one of her teachers approximately 3 seconds after drop off.
Bye Maddie! love you! sniff sniff

They said she had a good day overall, even though she was a little overwhelmed a couple of times. After I picked her up, Baby Bub told me that she went to the playground and the library and it was "exciting." Ha. I asked if she wanted to go back to school again and she said, "yes!" She also keeps saying, "meet new friends and new teachers," because that's what I told her she'd be doing whenever we talked about starting school! So cute. 

This was also the first "free day" I'd had in 2 years, with both girls in school. What a weird feeling! It was nice, though. I actually had some meals. Did I do more unpacking? No. Did I do any decorating? No. Did I work on getting my photos in order? No....  I did sit on the couch and watch an old movie on TCM though! And got a little card work done. And wondered what the girls were doing. And did a tiny bit of cleaning {tiny bit}. And got on Facebook. And wondered if the girls were enjoying the lunches we packed.... and daydreamed about how great it's going to be when I have the new house all set up. And then it was time to pick them up! Ah well. Hopefully next Monday will be more productive :)


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