Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer, it's time for you to go

I'm real serious. The heat, the mosquitoes, the humidity, I'm beyond over it. I don't think there's ever been a Houston summer that has bothered me so much. And I was 7-9 months pregnant in summer '11 people! The only possible good thing about it still being hot as hades is that the girls continue to enjoy the pool. We went today and I got a couple of good photos of Maddie in her towel hoodie.

They reminded me of photos of her big sister in the same hoodie, 4 years ago!

Equally adorable of course, but sometimes these girls 
don't even look related...maybe the nose?

I can't even adequately explain how glad I am that Avery is back to loving the pool. She's basically taken an entire year off from swim therapy and I'm eager to start her again.  Her new school year is going ok but everything is about to change this week as they add 3 more kids to the room, eek! Not sure how that's going to go. She's also getting a new round of Botox injections on Tuesday. That's Bub the hub's birthday too! Not the most fun way to spend his birthday, but we are just grateful that we can still get the injections and that they are still working. Hopefully we can make the rest of the day more fun for Bub daddy :).

Meanwhile, we are still unpacking and finishing the new house up. And I am still trying to find the time to organize all my house photos. Sigh. Just need to get one big card order out the door and unpack a bit more. And then decorate. We did make a huge change to the front of the house that I can share now. Behold an actual before & after!

original house at sale

house as of yesterday...painted and lots of landscaping!
More to come soon!


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