Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last Month

Boy, am I glad that it's a new month. I am SO over June. June was...what's the word? oh yea, INSANE. It started out with Avery off school for 3 weeks, and we already know how hard that was. As soon as she started back up again, I went into hyper business drive--working on tons of projects and trying to get my Etsy store up finally. I am over the moon to announce that the shop IS open now, but I am starting to wonder if the lack of sleep, stress and craziness was all worth it? I really hope so! You can check it out here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SugarBeeShoppe and I'd love to hear any kind of feedback, of course. If you are an Etsy member you can even become an "admirer" of the shop, which is sort of the same as a Facebook "like" but sounds much more eloquent I think :).

In other news, I am in mourning for the very sudden crash/loss of an external hard drive containing some important SugarBee files that were not properly backed up (note to reader: stop reading this right now and double check that every single one of your files are backed up right this single second). If not, you will have such terrible regret! I know I do. That happened at the very end of June too. I officially hate June, did I mention that?

Maybe one bright spot was that I did finalize our family summer vacation in the-month-we-will-no-longer-name. There was a lot of waffling about where to go and what to do, but I am pleased with our choice. Long time readers will be SHOCKED to find out that our destination does not include a lazy river...I know, crazy. But it does include a beach! (which is just as good if not better) We will be traveling to !San Diego! in August and sharing a beach house with some wonderful friends and I can't wait. We all really need some time away.

You know I always hate to blog without a photo, so here are a couple recent ones that make me smile!

Sometimes I catch Avery lovin on her lil'sis :)

lookin' so chic in her giant sunhat!

Mommy and Maddie out to lunch with friends

-------------------------Hope everyone has a fun July 4th!-------------------------


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