Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ten Months

Madeline. Brynn. you. are. growing. TOO. fast. Mommy can barely even process it. 
Here is my TEN MONTH OLD Baby Bub doing what she loves best right now...waving like a princess!!

Maddie's tenth month of life was definitely one of the craziest because both girls were home 24/7 with me for 3 solid weeks of it. And I'm not gonna lie, it was super duper hard. We had our UPS, our downs, our giggles, our tears and a couple of serious bruises, but WE MADE IT. whew.
Like last month, this precious girl is still blowing us away with all the new things she keeps picking up! Waving and pointing are both new favorites right now...and other ten month facts:

<--She's all over the place and getting into everything, of course. Glorious messes! Bub the hub and I agree that we love it... it makes us smile and wish that her big sister could make messes like that as well. sigh

-It is totally amazing what this girl can chew with those two bottom teeth! There is also one top tooth playing a little peek-a-boo, but not here yet. She eats honey graham sticks, yogurt melts, and puffs in about two seconds now. And really still likes the banana and blueberry baby food that I make her, but her new favs are pieces of pancake and canteloupe.

<---She has been transitioning slowly into the big girl bath with her sister. She misses her sink bath for sure, and surprisingly the duck does not entice her too much. What she really wants to do is just stand and stomp/splash the water...if only that were safe!

BY FAR, --> the favorite activity continues to be walking around holding onto our fingers.
A few tentative steps holding on to one finger lately though! Brave girl :)

<--Other (new) favorite: stair climbing. Oh yes, it has begun.

-Getting the hang of her sippy cup. And flirting with baby boys. Both important goals lol!-->

<--Still lots of fun to go visit daddy for lunch! Although she sure is getting to be a squirmy worm at restaurants... might not work for too much longer.

Thoroughly enjoys watching Elmo with her sister! Will sweetly sit (or lay) next to her. --->
Makes my heart smile.

-And last but not least, she makes a super precious ballerina, yes?

What a big month! Maddie, my sweet, you are a complete and utter JOY, and continue to bring so much love and  laughter into our lives. What did we do before you? Mommy can no longer remember or imagine! xoxoxo


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  1. Yay Kaleb! And yay 10 months! W
    Goes way too fast - eat it up!


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