Friday, December 30, 2011

Four Months

Already half a month ago, Baby Bub turned four months old. Alas, holiday cards demanded my time instead of blogging, but here finally is her update. This precious girl is still growing like a weed! And it's proven: her doctor's office stats jumped from 5th to 23rd percentile in height, 20th to 35th percentile in weight, and a whopping 38th to 78th percentile in head circumfrence. Must be a big, beautiful brain in there!!

and compare :)

What a month it's been-- little Maddie Brynn's personality has blossomed so much and we are loving every minute of it...or maybe I should say every minute of daylight, because night time has not been quite as fun. Although she teased us at 3 months with sleeping more at night, this past month she has consistently woken around every 3-4 hours. BOO! Her already voracious appetite seemed to increase all over again, and this hungry hungry hippo wants her food.

This past month she has also made a lot of new discoveries, mainly her hands!

She likes to watch her hands and fingers, move them around, and most of all

stuff them in her mouth!

She also made the big step of starting to grab her toys with both hands. We call her a little hoarder because she likes to grab as many as possble in one swipe, and it's really cute to watch.

Baby Bub has also officially discovered her tongue...which she likes to stick out at us.

A lot.

Other discoveries? That she has her daddy completely wrapped around her finger...

(not surprising)

And how much fun it is to look in the mirror!

totally captivated :)

She continues to practice sitting in her bumbo, and likes to be where the action is, like hanging out with her sister and grandaddy!

Frequent blog readers already know that she had a great Thanksgiving, where she allowed mommy and daddy to have a calm, peaceful dinner,

and hung out with family, like her fun Aunt Alysia, who makes her laugh :0)

And last but not least, this was the month that she became mommy's little fashion plate!!

I love dressing up my little doll-- Maddie Brynn, you are the (second) light of our lives!!


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