Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Highlights

Best to post some xmas pics before time gets away from me again. Bub the hub and I absolutely LOOOOVED celebrating Christmas with our TWO beautiful girls. We started the festivities on Christmas Eve celebrating with Grandaddy. We discovered that Grandaddy has a super special baby knee bouncing ability that no one else can replicate. It takes babies from this:

to this:

pretty cool huh?

Then Avery slept in until 8:30am on Christmas morning, which was a bloomin' miracle and just a wonderful overall present to her parents!! Here are the silly sleepy girls--

hey girls, want to see if Santa came??

And boy did Santa pay us a visit! My living room simply exploded with presents...Bub the hub enjoyed all his presents,

and we almost lost little Maddie Brynn in all her gifts...

Avery's favorite part was having a gingerbread cookie for breakfast!


Next we traveled to Nana's house for another morning celebration, where some of us stayed in our p.j.'s and lil'bub might have enjoyed playing with her present bows more than her actual presents.

Baby Bub was amused her new giraffe pillow :)

Then it was time to get dressed for the rest of the day! Here is sweet Avery in her annual holiday dress photo with her momma-

and her past three Christmas days, of course :)

what a precious joy she is!

We think Nana and Uncle Drew had a pretty good time as well. Then it was on to the next place-- Christmas lunch with Bub the hub's family, where it was nap time for big sister, but little sister got to hang out with more family.

cuddling with Pops

makin faces at MawMaw

and the quickest and most enjoyable way to calm a fussy Maddie Brynn:

looking at that "other" baby in the mirror...she sure is pretty!!

THEN it was time to head to Chappell Hill and Christmas with my mom's side of the family at the Barndominium, which you can see in these lovely photos from my aunt's Christmas card--

There we ate some amazing food and winded down from a long day. We tried for one good family pic...

but the floor was evidently too fascinating.

Hope everyone had a merry merry Christmas!


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