Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birthday Week

My birthday this year fell on a Tuesday, and just happened to be the very first week of lil'bub's three week summer vacation before the new school year. I was a little concerned about how this all would go, especially because I worry so much about what she's missing from school. Fortunately, we have stayed just as busy as ever (no time to worry when I'm running around so much :), and squeezed in lots of therapy too. AND I've had such a wonderful birthday celebration, I feel very spoiled.

Just to give you a little taste of my bday week, I went on a girly, fun trip to Target with my sweet princess:

Bub the hub also took me to a movie on a Monday night (and he stayed awake for the whole thing!!), I got to take a fun shopping trip on my bday where I found the greatest deal ever on a purse for the fall, and I ended my birthday night at a fun new restuarant where I sampled four types of bruchetta, which (along with brie) is one of my favorite foods in the world!! Of course I took a photo to share...and I know Bub the hub thinks I'm crazy for always taking photos of my food, but I just can't help it, especially when it looks this pretty:

Today I think lil'bub was waiting to give me the very bestest bday gift of all. And that was reacting very calmly today to two of her most intense therapies-- swimming and occupational therapy. As many of you already know, lil'bub does fantastic with her therapies at school, but not so much when it comes to doing them at home, especially when I am there with her. I am really hoping that this means we are turning a major corner!! Both therapies usually mean a very mad, upset munchkin with an equally upset and frustrated momma. Today she was like a different lil'bub! Which makes my heart so happy that I can hardly explain. Of course, we still need to continue working on her tolerance levels, and especially in the conclusion of each therapy--which was today, in both cases, a great big "I'm done" cry at the 30th minute on the dot! It didn't matter though, I already got my present!!

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