Monday, August 16, 2010

Lazy Rivers Make Me a Lazy Girl

We had such a nice vacation. We've visited the pool every single day (and rounded the lazy river many a time), ate a lot of goodies, watched a ton of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and we've been as lazy as possible. Or as lazy as we can be with a 2 year old. One of the best parts about it is that I've been able to polish off four novels over the past week. I haven't been able to do this for....about 2 years! We are all pretty sad that Bub the hub had to go back to work today. It's just too bad that he has to make some money around here.

We started our vacation at an adorable Elmo birthday party for Avery's bf Leila. Lil'bub wore her new Elmo dress!!
she loves playing with her little basketball

here's the birthday girl in her gorgeous birthday skirt

Avery was pretty ready for a nap when the cute Elmo cake came out...and then magically perked up when she got a slice! This happens at pretty much all the parties we go to. She's very shy until she tastes that cake :) Here she is wanting to show y'all some of her cake!
and this is in the middle of her cake dance!

We left the next day for the resort. Below was our favorite place to hang out: the huge water playground that dumped a gigantic pail of water on (sometimes unsuspecting) guests every now and then.

But it always gave off a cool mist and a nice breeze, which was very helpful when sunbathing in the ferocious heat! I think Avery really learned the fine art of chilling out this past week. Here she is sunbathing in the shade...which only make sense for someone with her skin.
We played with all the water features...

did some good sliding...

and lots of lazy river-ing!

And now I will leave you with my favorite two photos of the vacation. I will call them 1)Bub the hub awesome vacation morning hair and 2)Lil'bub awesome vacation morning hair. I know- creative titles, right? Enjoy



  1. the hair pics definitely made me smile! Cute post. love the Elmo dress!!

  2. LOVE the giraffe(?) yellow and orange swimsuit, Aves!!!! You long-legged beauty!!


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