Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I've never done a "currently" post, but I think it'd be a fast, fun way to share what lil'bub has been up to lately. I also added some of my own "currently" info to the sidebar. I might have gotten a little carried away. Maybe a lot. You tell me.


♥ in the 45th percentile of weight and 95th percentile of height--> look at those long, skinny legs!!!

♥ wakes up every morning a very happy girl, usually in the completely opposite position of how she went to sleep

♥ absolutely ADORES "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"

♥ at school, she's working on stacking blocks, sorting same and different objects, and naming bodyparts

♥ now rockin' the lower, back ponytails...not necessarily evenly made, but you try making ponytails on a squirmy worm!

♥ sleeps well through the night, but occasionally still likes to wake up along with her daddy around 6am

♥ she's lately become a very picky toddler eater, but does enjoy my homemade, no-grease enchiladas, loooves her morning pancakes and has always gone wild for prunes (eww!)
♥ still wishes for her very own puppy dog
♥ is the absolute most ticklish munchkin that I know

♥ has learned how to tickle mommy and daddy too

♥ when we ask her for a kiss, she will slowly lean into our cheek (and sometimes even grabs our face with her hand) and lay a huge wet one and then smile. it's the sweetest. "kiss." ever.

♥ she still always wants to be outside. her sweet daddy takes her for a stroll every single day after work and it's the highlight of her day, rain or shine :)

♥ really enjoys and thinks it's uber-funny to stroll her pink car while INSIDE her own stroller

♥ gets super excited riding in the car when we turn down the street that leads to our neighborhood, and whines if we pass it instead!

♥ receiving the following therapies: physical, occupational, speech, vision; and we hope to be starting back with swim therapy very soon. yes, it does keep us very busy
must have her Glow Starhorse in order to go to bed
♥ loves to read books before bed!! her favorites right now are "Hippos Go Beserk" and "Moo,Baa,LaLaLa!" both by Sandra Boynton. she complains if we read anything else...yep, she might be a little bit spoiled

♥ thinks any kind of coughing, sneezing, or throat clearing is simply hilarious
♥ has a smile that still lights up the room





  1. Love this post! and the sidebar stuff too, very cute. And it has nothing to do with there being a picture of my precious girl! heehee.

    Love you, too.
    p.s. If you cut 3 inches off your hair, it would be shorter but still be looong, right?

  3. yup, this is definitely the best post yet. And I can't stop laughing about mom requesting a haircut; I think she has said that exact same thing to me more than 50 times


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