Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Puppy Love

Have I ever mentioned how lil'bub reacts to puppy dogs? It's pretty funny to watch, she goes totally nuts! There is a lot of squealing, bouncing, and laughing involved. They make her happy, to say the very least. We have a very sweet puppy dog that lives across the street and Avery really can't get enough of her. She loves to pet and "pat-pat" and especially grab her little tail.

Avery got a real treat earlier this month when my brother, (Uncle) Drew, came into town. He recently became a new dad.....OF AN ADORABLE NEW PUPPY!

Drew and his sweet girlfriend Jessica brought little Raleigh (named after the explorer of course) into town so she and lil'bub could meet. We agreed the level of cuteness would reach combustible degrees, but it still had to be done.


told you she was adorable

ran straight to lil'bub and said hi!hi!hi! with some licks

gave her a quick sniff test

and then KISSES!!!!!!!
(lil'bub just giggled the entire time)

then she petted the nice doggie (in between squeals)

That was a pretty awesome meet and greet. Avery is going to get more time to spend with Raleigh in a couple weeks when we go on a road trip to see Uncle Drew GRAD-U-ATE from college!!!!! YAY DREW! It's kind of a big deal y'all. I know Avery can't wait for the inevitable wet kisses..... from Uncle Drew. Ok, just kiddin' I meant from lil'Raleigh. AND Uncle Drew. Either way. It will be great.

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