Saturday, April 17, 2010

Walker Woes

Well I was hoping to get some good photos yesterday or even a video because lil'bub was supposed to get a walker to help her start taking her first steps! Bub the hub and I were really looking forward to seeing what she thought. But instead it turned into a really stressful morning, where everyone (not us) was running very late and lil'bub was really, really not pleased about the whole walker thing. Well, actually I couldn't tell for sure what she was un-pleased with, since her mommy and daddy showed up in the middle of school and she thought she was going home with us even though that was not the case! Poor thing.
Anyway, we are going to try fitting her with a few different types of walkers since the one yesterday was more bulky and complicated than she needs. That is, if she forgives us for putting her in that other one! I think when we find the right walker she will realize the independence it gives her and be much happier :)

Meanwhile, to tide you all over, here are my new favorite photos that are actually from Easter day....lil'bub was relaxing in my lap from a good bunny day.

this was the best photo- I love that smile!


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