Friday, February 19, 2010

Not Alotta

This week has been really crazy busy for me, but not much to report with the munchkin. I finished my first "We've Moved" greeting card for my sweet friend Alla. I also finished doing a wedding invitation a couple weeks ago. Hopefully I can get permission to post them after everything is sent out. They are both the most contemporary pieces I've done.

I also met with our realtor to look around at some houses this week. I guess that's kind of big news! We decided it's time for a bit more space and a nice big yard, although we are very sad to even think about leaving this amazing house that we brought Avery home to :) I have already started on a whirlwind of cleaning and organizing just to get prepared though. When we moved here from our little apartment, I remember wondering how I was going to fill up this little house. It didn't seem like we had near enough stuff to make use of all the closets and space. BOY did that change fast!! Now it's hard to find an inch of space. Avery's clothes and toys overfloweth!

Bub the hub and I also went to lil'bub's second evaluation at her school. She is still doing so well. We had to hide so she wouldn't see us (she goes nuts when we walk in, and won't focus on her "work"), and then her teacher showed us the daily goals they go over each day. They have both cognitive and physical goals. Avery did so well! It was so hard not make a peep when she accomplished something big. I really tried to be quiet, but she did hear me a couple times and tried to turn around. Luckily her teacher is good at distracting her back!

In other news, lil'bub has started rockin' the big ponytail, and she looks cuuuuuuuuuute.

She is also still enjoying all her new birthday toys. Here is the Fisher Price Little People Farm she got from her teachers.

Yep, playing in our p.j.'s!

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