Monday, February 8, 2010

Car Date

Back in my early high school days, I pitched a particularly mean fit when I was told by my daddy that I was not allowed to car date--that is, go on a date alone, in a car, with a BOY, until I was 16. Being just barely 15, and wanting to be particularly independent, AND of course wanting to spend time with a certain boy who IS NOW Bub the hub (so THERE daddy), I got really, really mad.

And the tears flowed freely, and the tantrum was lengthy, and of course no matter what I yelled, I had to wait longer than I would have like to go on car dates. Avery's grandaddy still likes to remind me of it, like constantly, because he found the intensity of my tantrum hilarious. WELL, I swore right then and there that I would let MY daughter car date if SHE had a serious boyfriend that was older because I was going to be the best parent EVER. ha.

So now that I am a parent, and understand certain things, my children are not going to date until they are 25. But I will, in certain circumstances, make exceptions. And I did just the other day, when sweet Charlie from across the street wanted to take Avery on a car date. I think it was a good decision.


  1. Boy what a jerk that father of yours must have been. Imagine, laughing at your tearful tantrum. Thats just awful.

  2. That is LOL funny... But really your dad was right on seeing as how Mike eventually set his sights to marry you!!


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