Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The New Year

I have been thinking a lot lately about my resolutions for 2010. But I think I've resolutely decided not to make any. I've also decided I don't really like the word resolution. It's just too...final. And I think everyone knows we are usually setting ourselves up for failure. If I'm going to make anything, it's going to be GOALS. Doesn't that sound more upbeat and less foreboding??

I proclaim the following GOALS for 2010:

--continue working on my patience. or lack of. lil'bub is on her very own developmental timeline, and I've got to accept it more

--expand my card making business

--for gosh sakes, get lil'bub's scrapbooks up-to-date...like past 6 months of age!

--use our cloth diapers even more (I'll elaborate on this in the next post!)

--drink less diet dr. pepper...I think humans are about 60% water and I'm pretty sure most of the fluid in me is actually d.d.p.

--blog more

--world peace

See how that last one would never work as a resolution? But as a goal it works just fine, am I right?? Now that's out of the way, I will leave you with munchkin yesterday after her first day back at school. Uncle Drew got her a new bear coat for Christmas, and it's like it was made for her!

yes, the cuteness is just mind blowing

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