Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Avery

Here are the long overdue photos from Christmas. We celebrated at FOUR different places! ALL on Christmas day! although we were super exhausted, lil'bub did really great.

On Christmas Eve, we took a last minute trip to visit Santa at the mall. Avery had really enjoyed seeing Santa at her school, and I was really hoping she might give him a little smile....

but that was not to be...

she did get happy with Santa once I held her though!

here is crazy hair Avery helping us
do some last minute shopping

a catfish stuffed animal? lil'bub said nah

later Avery got into her Mickey Mouse xmas p.j.'s
and visited with Uncle Drew

kisses from mom on Christmas morning!

opening presents with Dad

She LOVED her new frog bath mitt from Nana

WOW Nana must have been good this year

caught a special moment between
lil'bub and Uncle Drew

Lil'bub was ready for her nap!

Dinner in Chappell Hill, Texas

her little cousins loved tickling her,
it was really cute

munchkins playing around!
see my new boots in the background :)

Mommy and Avery were very tired!

Munchkin was fast asleep and Nana was in heaven!

Hope everyone has a happy, HAPPY New Year. And may 2010 be as crazy as 2009! Because it just wouldn't be as fun, right?

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