Tuesday, January 12, 2010

X-ray Today

sooo this past weekend was amazing because we all got to be there as Diana & Keegan said "I DO." Lil'bub had a lot of fun with her cousins in Austin and everything seemed to go well. But now we are back home, and another school week has started, and lil'bub is worrying us a bit. She seems to be having some pain in her right side, maybe her hip, and she doesn't want to sit at all. I am taking her to go get an x-ray at Texas Children's soon and I am very nervous. We are also meeting with her Rehab doctor tomorrow to see if she can figure out what's bothering my lovebug.....

Here are photos of the beautiful bride and wedding and lil'bub hanging with her cousins. I hope I will have some good news to post soon!

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