Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Story of Hair

Lil'bub was born with a good amount of hair.
Exhibit A:

Some hair was then sacrificed for greater purposes.
Exhibit B:
Although it attempted to return,
Exhibit C:
it was thwarted twice more!
Exhibits D & E:
But then the hair finally got its chance to grow...
Exhibit F:
Until she could finally wear bows!
Exhibit G:
And wear them she did--they got bigger and bigger.
Exhibit H:
We expanded to headbands...
Exhibit I:
Then, if you will recall last summer, the hair grew long enough to be gathered into both pony and pigtails!
Exhibits J & K:
Recently her hair got a little out of control...
Exhibit L:
So we've tamed it with styles and headpieces galore!
Exhibits M,N&O:And then this morning I was able to pull out the most glorious pigtails for school. So proud of myself for this do, especially considering lil'bub still acts like the world is ending when I mess with her hair. Just look at these long locks!

Sorry folks, this post got a little longer than I expected!


  1. perfect! so funny- I can remember my mom doing my hair as a kiddo.
    I think I was difficult like Avery. First she pulled too hard. Then as I got older they weren't perfect enough (perfect=absolutely no bumps)

    Great job Cass, she looks absolutely adorable.

  2. she is the cutest little girl i have ever seen!

  3. Gosh, she looks so much older. Love the 'tails.


  4. She looks like such a little lady, especially with her hair fixed! What a sweet and fun post!

  5. Hilarious! I take credit for H (we gave Avery the bow) and K (I took the picture.) Yes, her hair is "glorious" but I think only a mom would say that! You have entered a new realm Cass! Keep it coming!


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