Monday, November 16, 2009

Riding Along...

in my baby is there behind the wheeeeeeel...blah blah-blah blah blah blaaaah...with no particular place to goooo!!

We treated lil'bub to a trip to Babies'R'Us last week and came home with a new ride. Much cheaper than mommy and daddy's ride, but waaaay more stylin. BEHOLD the "Whisper Ride."

also known as "Cochecito Silencio,"
it is indeed quiet...

except for when lil'bub uses her *pointer finger*
to honk the loud horn!

watch out y'all, she's proven a bit reckless
(oh wait, we are the ones steering her :)

she likes toting her toys in the front trunk

you know, just in case she gets a flat and gets bored

Daddy and lil'bub have actually invented a new game with the Whisper Ride too. It resembles an odd form of polo. It involves pushing her bouncy ball along the side of her car as she sits in it. Pretty hilarious actually. She's definitely working on her balance!

kinda makes you want a hot pink car doesn't it?


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