Saturday, November 21, 2009

School Party

At the beginning of lil'bub's school year, all the moms got to sign-up for the holiday parties that they wanted to help out with. I got Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day, so yesterday I took cupcakes and goodie baskets for the kids. It was so fun. I made the cutest darn turkey cupcakes you have EVER seen!

Then, since there are only four of them in the class, I filled little baskets with a cute book and finger puppets and some fall things.

I get a kick out of doin stuff like this

Then I got to go take pictures while they "partied." This pretty much consisted of smearing cupcakes all over their faces. Fine with me! Here are the cute pics.

pretty table

smearing is just part of the fun!

Avery's good friend Lily Kate

Turkey Day is almost here y'all. Where did the time go?


  1. Awesome dudette. the cupcakes and baskets were great. Good job MOM.

  2. SO cute! you are so good at those things :)wish it would rub off on me


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