Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Soooo I just figured out that I could post a poll on the side of my blog! How fun is that? Of course I carefully pondered what would be the very best first poll to post and came up with something I seriously need answered....that's right, WHO does lil'bub look like the most? Bub the hub or ME?? But don't worry, I like to put careful research and thought into serious questions before I answer them, and I will not leave you hanging. Before you make any rash decisions, take a look at the following photos of us as young bubs:

Now, I will go ahead and admit that when lil'bub was a newborn, she looked exactly like her daddy...

and this trend did continue...

for a number of months...

Then, around 4 or 5 months, lil'bub's features started to take a turn (in my humble opinion) toward her momma's looks!

I think it's the cheeks :)

And then, before we knew it, she looked like a whole different baby! Half mamma, half daddy, don't you think??

Now it's a year later, and I'm not quite sure what YOU think, but I think this girl is DEFinitely lookin' more like her momma.

So now take a moment to vote in the poll and tell me what you think. It's totally anonymous, so don't worry I might be mad if you don't do the right thing and vote how much she looks like me! Just kidding...sort of. And guess what else? I also just discovered I could add a "Reaction" poll at the bottom of each post too. So all you blog stalkers can tell me what you think of my posts because it's anonymous too! And yes, I know you stalkers are out there. I had almost a hundred hits the other day! So feel free to keep stalking, just participate in a poll now and then, eh?


  1. I love your stalking poll, LOL! She's a doll either way...I think Mike's eyes but everything else is you :)


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