Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gig'em and Good Times

First of all...

Lil'bub is showing her support

gig'em Ags!!!

Second of all, we had a really fun birthday party last night for Bub the hub with great-old friends, good Mexican food and a little Texas Hold'Em! I got out early, which gave me time to do about 3 million dishes, but I think everyone had good times. Thankfully, lil'bub slept peacefully upstairs while we made lots of noise down. Even one flying roach episode with a lot of (woman AND man) squealing didn't wake her....but she was pretty tired from another great week at school.

On Thursday morning, exactly two weeks after starting school, lil'bub did not fuss once when handed off to her teacher, and did the same on Friday. We are very VERY proud of her. Her teacher tells us she is talking more and more, and gets pretty excited to hear "Old MacDonald" and "I'm A Little Teapot"---there's even some dancing involved :).

Here are a few good photos of the party last night.

Big surprise, the birthday boy did pretty well for himself. We tried stuffing him with drinks, but I think it just made him better. Oh well! Good thing he won my money back, right?? I am taking him to the Astros game tonight and that food is so dang expensive. Did you know that they are the ONLY team that doesn't allow fans to bring in their own food and drinks? And their reason for it is ridiculous. Read this Houston Press article about it. They should either lower ticket prices or lower food&drink prices. Maybe then we could afford to go more...and perhaps Bub the hub could enjoy a nice beer without thinking how it costs like ohhh A DOLLAR A SIP!! sheesh

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  1. such a fun night! tell mike HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


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