Sunday, September 13, 2009

MRI Complete

This is a quick post to say that lil'bub did well with the MRI. It went much quicker than I expected. First they gave her a little liquid drug to chill her out. Boy did that work! She was rolling her eyes around and giggling a lot. We thought it was pretty funny.

Loopy Avery in her huge hospital gown

Then we had to lay her down on the gurney while they gave her something through an oxygen mask so she would go to sleep. She was not really into that. It was hard for mommy and daddy to watch. And her anesthesiologist was so young! I almost asked him how old he was...but I didn't. Made me feel like I was turning into my mother! haha (love you mom :)

However, I did specifically tell him that Avery was a really hard stick, so I hoped he was really good at putting in I.V.'s. Oh yes! he said. Don't worry! he said. Well, she came out of it fine, and even smiled at us when she woke up, but I was SOOO not pleased to discover this:

He stuck her in every appendage before getting it right! She had four bandages instead of one! Poor baby. Good thing she was asleep for all that sticking or I would have had to punch his teeth out! She was a little lethargic afterwards as you can see. So we cuddled on the couch.

Back to normal today...

Hope y'all had a nice weekend :0) Thanks for voting in the poll. Looks like most people think she's a mix. Sounds good to me.

1 comment :

  1. i'll punch the youngster too....
    Avery is getting so big! :)


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