Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 4th Party

My mom (Nana) and her twin sister had a birthday bash on July 4th this past weekend at the Barndo! We were celebrating a little early this year, but it was a great excuse to combine festivities. Here is the invite I made for the party.

Aren't those twinkies cute?

It was nice to see our family, eat DElicious food and catch up with old friends. I think the twins had a pretty good time too. They are still adorable, of course.

Here is my Aunt Kay below with her grand kids. Maddie had the greatest time with her second cousins. They are so sweet and patient with her. She follows Katie (the oldest) around like a puppy dog.

And here are the red, white & blue cake pops and 
cupcake that I made for the party!!

Good thing that cake pops are not a quick endeavor because they are super addicting. I probably could have taken care of all of them myself, but I controlled my sweet tooth and created this cute display instead.

Aren't we festive??

After the party we broke out the fireworks and glow sticks. My camera was acting funny in the pitch dark, so this was as good as I could get, but all the kids sat on the back of the golf cart and watched. Maddie is on the far left in her cousin Mackenzie's lap. Fire works were a first for her! She also tried her first sparkler. She had so much fun. And so did we!


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