Monday, January 19, 2015

Snaggle Tooth

That's what we have been calling Avery for almost a month! One of her front teeth became loose in December and totally moved/turned so it looked really funny, but wasn't quite ready to come out. For awhile. Do y'all remember the trauma (really just for mommy though) when she lost her first two teeth? Well, I was not looking forward to this one either. And still nervous about her swallowing it... so of course she wakes up this morning when I'm the only one home with her and it's finally hanging by a string.

I was literally on the phone making an appointment with her dentist, who had very sweetly offered to help when the time came, when it started bleeding and I had to just grab it. UGH. Thanks to Avery's sweet physical therapist, Eda, for helping me through it! We survived. Avery seemed to not mind at all, again. Here is my new toothless girl.

We celebrated at Shipley's Donuts with a vanilla sprinkle donut.
Isn't that how you celebrate losing a tooth?

Maybe mommy can chill out a little more now that we got a big one out of the way... but then again, probably not.


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