Sunday, September 28, 2014

Maddie's Cinderella Party, Part 2

And the saga continues! Maddie continued to show Cinderella around her party.

I love how the boys are peeking around to see what's up!

And then it was story time...

Maddie thoroughly enjoyed being princess of honor
in Cinderella's lap

There was princess dancing!

Princess laughing!

And even princess certification and autographs!! What a thrill.

This is my favorite "cheese"

Avery got to meet Cinderella too :)

 And of course the birthday cake! Sweet girl was not scared of the candle this year. She waited and made a wish and blew it out perfectly, with Cinderella right by her side. She did not demand we sing a second time like last year lol.

Simply precious! So glad we decided to bring Cinderella to the party. It truly was magical.

We gave our guests Princess Pretzels as a parting gift. Yum!

Maddie still talks about her party and the "adorable Cinderella." Her words. She wonders when we will see her again but doesn't push me for answers... which I find interesting. She has been assuring me lately, however, that if we see any other Disney characters again, like Minnie and Mickey, she would NOT be scared this time. She's referring to our Hawaii trip to Disney Aulani when she clung to me like a spider monkey whenever one of them came within 10 feet. So, there's that subtle hint. Point taken, love.


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