Tuesday, March 4, 2014

This is pitiful

Although I did not make my normal New Year's Resolution list this year (finally decided why torture myself, seriously), I did make one solemn vow that I was going to be so, so, so better about blogging. At least once a week, for sure. Well, F A I L. Just counted that I am 6 for 10. OK, 7 if I get this one done. Geez louise. Sometimes I really feel like I cannot get anything done without a strict deadline/someone standing over me. So, basically nothing for myself. I want this to change so badly. I'm going to start with posting this darn post and then coming up with four more in the next two weeks. Join me. So here, ten things that pop into my head. Here I go, BOOM.

1- I am singing the Frozen song, "Let it Go" in my head right now. Such an addicting refrain. Watched the Oscars the other night and still cannot get over how Travolta butchered Idina Menzel's name. Also, took Maddie to this movie last month, just the two of us, and she loved it. :P

2- Bub the hub and I were up at 4am this morning because we kept hearing strange sounds and it was freaking us out. Finally figured out that it was the sound of tree branches crackling under the weight of frozen rain. And then crashing to the ground. I'm tired.

3- Maddie Brynn has exciting big girl news that I am going to make the subject of my next post! Can you guess?

4- I have started making lists for packing for Hawaii! Officially less than 2 weeks away!!!!

5- Maddie randomly tells people everywhere we go that, "we are going onnnn Vay-CAY-TION!" with her arms up in the air and an emphatic jump. Seriously cracks me up.

6- The hub and I had such an encouraging parent/teacher conference the other day at Avery's school. She is doing so well. And everyone agrees, continues to be a complete teacher's pet!

7- Medically, Avery's doing a lot better this past month. We are still watching a bunch of things, but the doctor appointments had gone down drastically and I am very thankful for that.

8- I am ready for spring. Really, really, really ready. Really.

9- Do you know what a time difference it makes in the mornings when I don't have to bundle everyone up and heat up the car and throw on 3 layers of clothing? Like, a lot. Like, we could actually be on time to school.

10- Time to go to bed. But here's another pic from our family shoot that love.


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