Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Sort of skipped right over Christmas but all I can say is we made it through! ha. That's how I feel anyway. I wish we could simplify a bit so the holidays were less stressful and more about each other. Easier said than done of course. 

A couple of weeks ago we received some rough news about Avery's health. She's ok right now but her recent MRI results showed some growths in her brain that can become a problem, so we have to keep a better eye on them and probably start on some new meds. Hard news to get in the middle of the holiday season, or ever really. We have some doctor appointments next month where we will get more information and a better plan. I'll feel better then. As if that wasn't enough, we found out yesterday that Avery broke her left heel bone 12 days ago and we had no clue it was anything that serious until this doctor appointment. I took her to the bone doc because she wouldn't put any weight on that foot, which we were aware of since the week before Christmas, but thought she might had just pulled a muscle. BROKEN was not the word I expected at all. Looks like Avery's bones are a lot more fragile than we thought. Sweet girl is ok really as long as we don't mess with that foot. 3-4 weeks of recovery though, where she can't stand or practice walking! Ugh. I still feel pretty terrible about the whole thing. A little scared to see what this new year is going to bring, to be honest. Really hoping for this little girl to get some positive health news, so mommy and daddy can rest better at night. 

Happy New Year to you and yours! Love, The Bubs
Photo by Stephanie Cheney of Stephanie Cheney Photography 


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