Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a great Halloween this year. We went to a block party in our new neighborhood and met some nice families. We got all dressed up and excited (more like bouncing off the walls before any candy was even seen) and went trick-or-treating to quite a few houses. Maddie's favorite part was ringing the doorbells. Avery's favorite part was a rice krispie treat that one of the neighbors gave out. Nana came home especially early from work to accompany my little treaters and everyone had a wonderful time. Girls were in bed by 8pm and then we actually ran out of candy, oops! Oh well, we'll know next year. 

Now it's time to introduce the most beautiful butterfly 
that you have ever seen, Miss Avery Elise

And the happiest, most excited-for-Halloween little bumblebee 
there ever was! Miss Maddie Brynn

WHO successfully recycled the cuteness of her older sister's costume

And perhaps my favorite picture from the other night:

I will narrate for you: why does this crazy sissy keep grabbin' my 'tennae?
Which also reminded me of an Avery bumblebee flashback--

Some things never change! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!
Can you believe it's actually NOVEMBER??


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