Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh Gosh

I think I might say this a little too much, because my 2 yr old mimic is saying it all of the time now. And when I just looked at how long it's been since I posted, I definitely said, "oh gosh!" Because no matter how many times I vow that there SHALL be a weekly Bub's Life post, life interferes in the most weird and insane and lovely and wonderful ways. Since my last post, we have:

-Continued to get the new house into shape-- I'm finally decorating the girls' rooms and got my branch back up in Maddie's room!

-Played lots of dress-up :)

-Had fundraiser walk for Avery's school... little chilly but a great time and big success!

-A little bumblebee gardening with Nana

-Working on carnival fundraiser for the Lewis family (also fantastic success BTW)

-Had a few doctors' appointments (more on that later)

-Also not pictured: many runny noses, some big fevers, a briefly stolen car (yes you read that right), a few new toddler tantrums, Mommy cutting her finger open, lil'bub getting to practice walking independently again (finally!), lots of fun play dates AND wrapping up all renovations on the new house (not decorations-mind you). 

It's been a crazy month... like all of the other ones! Can't wait to share costume pics :)


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