Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Life in quick pics 2

Thought it was time for a new round! Past four months in quick pics, here we go...

                              do you not let your 1yr old drive?   Avery cuddling w/school Santa

        M taking precious pics of her footie toes & mommy taking pic of her new slippers

 hold up...so I wasn't supposed to take everything out of your purse?

                                       when daddy's not here,                 At work with Nana
                                 Elmo makes dr. apptmt's better!

she tasted the lemon from my water, hilarity!

                               M loves wearin' her backpack!   Early morning Avery hair...
                                                                                                      looks suspicously like mommy's

I think the girls were a little tired out by Easter festivities

                                   sweet new baby Colby                    fierce Avery....roar!

when the hub cooks it ain't low fat, but it sure is good (& artistic ha!)

                   Avery & mommy at the zoo      Maddie wanted to swing with dolly  :)

               Avery hearts H-E-B car carts    Maddie & mommy pancake breakfast!! 


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