Monday, May 20, 2013

A-plus Avery

PEOPLE. It's late and I really need to go to bed, but I've been sitting on my computer looking through old photos (and you think Facebook is a time suck...) and for some reason in one folder I have these two photos right next to each other and I cannot stop flipping between them. Back and forth, back and forth.

How did this precious baby turn into such an adorable young lady? Like, overnight? And OH those cheeks. Still so squishy and kissable. This momma will never stop kissing those sweet cheekies. Irresistible.

I just wanted to update everyone that she continues to do fabulous in school and on all of her goals, and her mommy and daddy could not be prouder. At our parent/teacher conference last week we were informed that if there were "real" grades in preschool, Avery would be an "A" student and she SO enjoys her teachers and classroom and works SO SO hard every single day. We are especially excited that in the last couple of months, her right arm has been making leaps and bounds of progress! We can't wait to see where this will lead.

Lil' bub's seizures are also currently controlled, as far as we can tell, by her new meds and that is something we are immensely grateful for right now.

Oh, did I mention we also found a house? FINALLY. I'm excited to share more about it soon. Good night!


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  1. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You found a house? I can't wait to hear about it and where it is because we keep looking in Katy and we just can't seem to commit to the far! Let me know where you are.

    AND Avery.....goodness that girl. The progress she has made is really great! You are right, so look like such the little lady in the recent picture.


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