Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter 2013

My blog could not be sadder from lack of use. I hear it calling to me all of the time, but this momma is totally spent at the end of each and every day! I can't let it fall into total oblivion though, so here are some Easter pics. Maddie had a lot of fun at her two Easter egg hunts! Saturday with Bub the hub's fam and Sunday with mine. Avery sat these hunts out, but had a good time on both days anyway, I think. Wish we could still carry that big girl bunny around for hunts, but it's just not possible :/

On Saturday:

quality ranch swingin' with daddy

watching the other egg hunters

found some!
Maddie did a great job of finding eggs and then promptly opened them and ate her very first jelly beans.... and then raided at least 3 other kids' baskets and found 
even more! A jelly bean fiend just like her mom, I should have known. 

the new generation at the Klotz farm,
nine out of the thirteen total great-grandkids (I think)- not bad!
(thanks for the photo, Lauren :)

On Sunday:

sweet girls in their Easter dresses at the Transou Farm

most of the kids, ready to run...

look Maddie, a peep!

Johnny is pretty good at this :)

 surprise, surprise, Maddie's mouth is already full!

Maddie says "cheese!" and Avery says I am SO over this photo thing

Johnny is super excited that Maddie brought her iPad

windy day!

as close to a family pic as it's gonna get

Later that day we had a visit from granddaddy.
Maddie wanted to show him all about her car track.

happy girl with granddaddy!

Hope everyone else had a nice holiday. Somehow I avoided my usual jelly bean coma. A certain person I shall not name DID drop off a ton of chocolate that I sure didn't need! I'm not saying it was granddaddy, but I'm not saying it wasn't...

Still looking for a new place to call home! Had some close calls lately, but haven't won any bidding wars yet. The housing market continues to be complete insanity. Really thought we had found the right place last week, but then somebody put in a bid $35k over asking price, which definitely beat us out. Still pretty sad about it. Where is our next home hiding? Or as Maddie would say, "Houuuuse, are youuuuuuu??"


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  1. OMG $35K over.....that is unacceptable! People need to let the normal people buy houses.....i mean seriously!

    And i still can't get over maddie's curls. i love them


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