Thursday, November 29, 2012

15 months & a heart of gold

It's been officially way too long since I've done an update on our littlest bub! Her birthday was such a whirlwind and now it's almost four months later and I don't think we have paused for a second. I know she will forgive me for not updating as much though, since I have been spending all my blogging time with her and her sister!

I don't have any stats on Maddie right now but I am eager to see at her doctor's check-up next week. She fits really well into all her 12-18 month clothes, no dragging pants anymore haha, which makes me think she is typical height now. Her precious blond hair is getting longer and longer, and she has the sweetest flyaway curls you have ever seen! Observe:

 those big blue eyes get me every time!

She is definitely a big ham and loves to make mommy and daddy laugh. She squeals and giggles if you "chase" or tickle her. The girl is constantly moving, very very busy. Her favorite toys are cars, which she will wheel all around the house and over your toes, thank you very much.

She L-O-V-E-S to go outside, where she can run and throw her balls and pick up acorns and rocks. I may or may not have to resort to bribery sometimes to get her back in the house...luckily, food & drink usually do the trick.

She also recently discovered a new love: magnets! She will arrange them in a certain way and then do a little dance of delight that cracks us up.

Anything bright and colorful will elicit an "OOOOOhhh" of wonder, like turning the pages of one of her many favorite books, especially of the "lift-the-flap" variety.

I think I have already mentioned that sweet girl gets into EVERYthing. Used to be mostly cabinets but now she's got her hands into every single drawer too, yikes! And any tight space, nook or cranny, you better believe she's been there.

She talks a whole lot too- although mostly baby babble, she has a bunch of words now, which I've been writing down over the last week-- Mama, dada, nana, more, all done, down, up, touch, yesh, uh-oh, tickle, bubble, apple, dog, ball, juice, elmo, that, two, shoes and her animal sounds: meow, moo, baaaba, neigh and duck-duck (which is apparently what ducks say? ha).

In the last month, my baby girl has turned into quite the snuggler. She will come climb into my lap now, or run into my arms for a hug. Melts my heart every time! She still loves to give big wet smooches, and has started blowing kisses too.

She's also still asking to come "up-up-up" onto the couch so she can relax against the pillows, just like mommy and daddy, but obvs way way cuter.

Food has been a real challenge lately. Although she still enjoys snacks and fruit, she likes to test her parents by basically spitting out every main meal she eats after a bite or two. Makes this mom crazy!!  I keep telling her we can't live on strawberries and puffs, but I think she disagrees...

Maddie is a great night sleeper, and rarely gives us any issues with going to bed, as long as we read at least 3 books :). She is down pretty consistently 7pm-7am, and takes 1, sometimes 2 naps during the day. Baby bub must have her dolly and various blankies to sleep. It's too cute to worry about yet!

I have a story about her sweet nature. One of her MOST favorite things right now is going to the park around the corner from our house. She's always picking up the leaves, acorns and sticks to examine and hold while she plays. There's also a puppy dog that lives next to the park that always comes and says hi to us through the fence, which Maddie thinks is super fun. A couple of weeks ago she offered him a stick that she was holding and the puppy got really excited, and took off to play with it. She watched all of this with great attention.

So when we went back the other day, we played for awhile, went to say hi like usual to the puppy, and then eventually headed back to the car. As we were leaving, Maddie spotted a stick and picked it up and then turned around to go back. I followed as she walked about 60 yards back across the park (like a mile in baby steps!), all the way over to the puppy dog. She handed him the stick and then stepped back and watched him get all excited again. She didn't expect anything in return! After that she was ready to go and walked out with me like usual. I couldn't believe that a) she had remembered that he liked sticks or b) that she cared enough to make such a big effort.  Sweet girl already has a heart of gold!

Maddie Brynn, we can't wait to see what else you have in store for us! You are an absolute JOY to our hearts, and we love you so, so much. xoxo



  1. I LOVE this post! She is oh so cute!

  2. She is a doll face! Love that we admire our precious girls as we do. And also, we decided to describe our girls as "heart of gold" on the exact same day! Crazy. And I forgot to tell you how much I lOVED the new haircut picture of you and Avery....might go down in history as my favorite!! :)


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