Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fair Visit

The chillier weather the last couple of days reminds me of our trip to Dallas last month for our annual State Fair visit! The weather was a refreshing 50-something degrees, which we didn't mind too much except for the fact that I had to go get the girls a last minute wardrobe for our quick stay. On Fair day they wore matching bumblebee dresses that my sweet friend Laurie gifted at my baby shower for Madeline! So fun to finally get them on the girls.

Only photo of them both (sorta) looking--- no smiles here but lots earlier in the day!
♥ just love these dresses ♥
Of course, the Fair is all about the FOOD! Had our usual yummy Fletcher's corn dog, but this year I had two other stand-out treats:
fried pumpkin pie mmmmmmm
sharing some with my brother's girlfriend, Shannon
and the VERY delicious fried mac & cheese,
two thumbs up!!
We had some good times lookin' at the livestock
Uncle Drew & Shannon & is that longhorn giving us the evil eye?
bein silly...
what an adorable little piggie :)
We also checked out the arts&crafts, the new cars and played a few games. Traditionally, we have to do the rubber chicken game where you use the mallet to flip the chicken into one of the moving pots in the middle. It's actually pretty hard! No, seriously, it is!This year I flipped TWO in (and Drew got one too) and that is a record, my friends. 
We won these super cool chicken hats
don't be jealous
I think my favorite part was taking Maddie on her very first ride EVER! Girl was barely 13 months and had so much fun! Such a brave bub, makes mommy so proud.
She was cool baby after that! Had to buy her some chic sunglasses
This photo makes me a little sad
We always take a group shot in front of Big Tex, and this year was no different. Except, as some of you might have heard, our giant friend caught on fire a couple weeks later. Poor dude. 
R.I.P. Big Tex, we sure will miss you!
Aunt Christine got some cuddles in with the girlies

 Maddie and Buck the dog are the two newest members of the family.
They are about the same size,
similarly drooly and getting into everything!
Tired post-Fair bubs,
until next year!!

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  1. Cute post! Especially love those bumblebee girls!


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